Public Sector and Private Sector Applications

We benefit States by lowering their emissions profile, facilitating efficient plugging by prioritizing wells, and lowering the cost of abating methane. We benefit Oil & Gas companies by lowering their cost to comply with regulations. With State governments receiving $4.7B from the BIL to address this problem and Oil & Gas companies facing fines and incentives to comply with new regulations, both customers are poised to adopt Capwell’s solution

Public Sector

Why now

  • State, Federal, and Tribal governments received $4.7B from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) to mitigate methane emissions from orphaned wells

  • States are incentivized to quickly lower methane emissions at scale in order to qualify for follow-on grants in the BIL ($1.5B), leading them to look for innovative fast solutions like Capwell


  • Prevent years of methane and other chemical leakage, lowering GHG emissions and preventing air quality degradation in surrounding communities

  • Optimize plugging process, installing Capwell units on high priority hard-to-reach wells while plugging based on geographic area to minimize rig down time

Private Sector

Why now

  • Exploration & Production companies are subject to Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) methane fines of $900-1,500 per ton of methane emitted over 25,000t CO2e and 0.2% facility methane intensity (total emitted over total sent to sale)

  • $1B in federal grant funding is available for states to award to producers to limit their methane emissions

  • New EPA OOOOc regulations will require testing of idle/abandoned wells, raising overall facility methane intensity

  • Public and investor scrutiny for contributing to environmental degradation and failing to take action


  • Provide a low-cost alternative to immediately reduce methane intensity, preventing costly fines and opening up revenue streams through sustainable production (e.g., RSG, MIQ)

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