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Building at Greentown Labs


Capwell is proud to be a member of Greentown Labs, the largest #ClimateTechincubator in North America! We are working out of the Houston campus alongside other innovators building solutions to climate change. With permanent office space for our team and an anticipated expansion into the prototyping lab this month, we are already making the most of Greentown’s on-site resources. We are also excited to tap into the extensive corporate partnerships and advisor and investor networks that Greentown provides. They will be invaluable resources as we commercialize Capwell Services MAUs for client deployments.

Welcoming our new CTO


Capwell Services, Inc. is excited to welcome Lucien Peach, our new CTO, to the team. Lucien was a founding member of the design team that first worked on addressing the abandoned and orphaned oil and gas (AOOG) well problem.

Lucien spent the past year earning his MSE in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania. During his time there, Lucien worked as a Graduate Researcher with Kod*lab and contributed to cutting-edge work in the field of quadrupedal robotics, co-authoring a publication in the IEEE Transactions on Robotics. His expertise in controls, electronics, and mechanical design will translate perfectly to Capwell as we continue to develop the industry-leading methane abatement solution.

Lucien and CEO Andrew Lane recently moved to Houston, TX and are headquartered at Greentown Labs, a leading ClimateTech startup incubator. They’re excited to design and fabricate the next generation of Methane Abatement Units together!

Capwell x Zefiro


Hey there from the Capwell team! We’ve been busy over the last two months finalizing some deals and deploying our device. 
This month we were mobilized to capture and destroy methane from a leaky well in Louisiana. During the 15 day deployment, we identified leak sources and successfully abated the emissions stemming from them.

This deployment was a validation of our use on newer wells with superstructure still intact. These wells are still marginally productive and on this deployment there was still pressure behind the well that drove the leaks.

We would like to thank Zefiro Methane Corp., a climate tech firm answering the problem of unfunded well-plugging liabilities, for bringing us this job. We look forward to working closely on future projects as we both continue to make an impact in the well-decommissioning space and move the upstream energy sector to Net Zero.

Stay tuned for more Capwell deployments and stories coming up soon!

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